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longford123 08-04-2015 11:01 AM

Old walls stripped of wallpaper

Im trying to make my grans house livable again. I dont have a big budget as its used maybe twice a year. The main living area has layers and layers of wallpaper that looks terrible. Id like to strip it back but know the walls will be in a bad shape. What can I do to get them looking smooth.... I dont want to dry line the house as thats a big job and I dont have the money and its not actually damp.
Ive seen lining paper,,, but Id really like to have them skimmed with plaster... is this even possible ? Is there a heavy duty primer kind of product that can be smoothed on ?
Ive asked a few plasterer friends who have all said... big job, do it right etc etc... but until I have the money to do that I wonder is there a product that would look well ? dare I even say beauty board ?????????

joanmul 29-07-2015 12:54 PM

old walls
When we moved into our house nearly 30 years ago the garage was converted into a room. The walls were covered with beauty board with vertical grooves in it. It was a wood colour and the grooves were black. We haven't replaced it - yet - but in the meantime I wallpapered it with polystyrene lining paper & ordinary wallpaper. It's only an ok job as you could make a depression with your finger on the surface. The hall was covered in the same stuff on one wall and we got that plastered, but the stuff must have been in fashion in the 70's!

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