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Hi There, When we put some paving down 6 years ago a neighbour helped as we didnt have a clue and it is still as perfect as the day it was laid. Firstly you need to know the depth of the paving slab then add about 2 inches to that and dig down the total depth in the shape you want to lay your slabs then pour a good helping of diesel all over where you have dug (on a dry day , not that we get many) as this will kill off any weeds then when its all dry pour over two inches of sand and level it all out. Then make up a mortar mix and lay your slabs using a spirit level on each corner and across the middle making sure its perfectaly level all the time when they are all laid put a good helping of the wet ready mixed morter or wet cement mix in between each slab and make sure there are no gaps then when its nearly dry point all the morter mix between the slabs and hey presto you have a perfect patio or drive or pathway for many many years to come I hope this is of some small help please let me know if you do it this way and if your happy with it I am realy happy with mine and none of the slabs have ever cracked ENJOY
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