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Default Organic gardening tip

Please do not use deisel as it not only kills weeds but all the helpful bacteria, bugs who keep this plannet and us alive.
use weedblock arround 70 for a roll 50metres long and 1.5 metres wide. if you dig over the area you want to lay patio or path level with rake to make sure level. roll out weed block, place slabs at requited distance appart for the patio dig over level place weed block and then put sand and pound in to ground. lay your slabs making sure they are level (spirit Level worthwhile investment) then when finished you only need to put cement arround the outside to prevent the sand eroding. usinnt this method of laying is not permanant and if you break a slab it is easy to replace rather than having it all mortered to the ground. as for the decking i agree they just attract rats as they love shelter to scurry arround the garden. also create a compost area so you can use the compost in future years to maintain healthy shrubs. on the weed block you can put bark or small stones. the mint sounds like a good idea for the ants i never heard of that before. make suer you keep it in pots or you will have a mint problem in your garden instead as it just takes over. you can up root the nettels as said before. you can also use nettles as feed for plants. leave in tub of water for four weeks covered and them dilute the tea(smelly) 12parts water to 1part tea and pour over plants that have a lot of leaf and not a lot of flowre. you could also divive your garden to food area and pretty area and grow organic food. to do a course on organic you could attend the organic college in dromcollogher co limerick I've just completed my second year and got my diploma. if you can not attend you can look it up on line and do distance learning. google An t-Ionad Glas the organic college you will get the details. PLEASE DO NOT USE WEEDKILLERS AND PESTASIDES IT IS LIKE GOING TO THE PETROL PPUMP AND DRINKING PETROL INSTEAD OF WATER. AS ALL THE CHEMICALS ARE MADE FROM OIL WHICH PETROL IS MADE FROM TOO.
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