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Default Admin Reminder: User Name Guidelines

User Name Guidelines

There are a number of restrictions in relation to the User Name a JumbleTown Member may choose when registering:

1. For reasons of privacy and security, a Member should not use their real name -- they should choose a nickname/User Name instead.

2. A Member may not choose a User Name that has an overtly sexual meaning.

3. A Member may not choose a User Name likely to cause offense.

4. A Member may not use their email address as a User Name.

5. A Member may not use a website domain name as a User Name.

6. A Member may not use the word "Admin" or "Administrator" or "Mod" or "Moderator" in their User Name.

7. A Member may not use the name of any JumbleTown Administrator within their User Name.

8. A Member may not choose a User Name that has commercial overtones or tries to by-pass our non-commercial status.

9. A commercial enterprise may not use their business name as a User Name on JumbleTown. (No commercial email addresses may be posted on the Public Forum.)

The following is a guideline list of User Names that are not allowed on JumbleTown:

Handiman etc.

JumbleTown Admin may request that a Member changes his/her User Name, or Admin may change it for them without prior notification, should Admin deem it to be unsuitable.

Thank you for your co-operation.
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