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Default good idea

I too have a no junk mail sign on my door and still I get the odd junk mail and I get a sticker or a bag for charity collections every morning between 5.30 6.00 am (is this not classified as junk mail) I think anything not addressed to me and sent with the post man is junk.

My main problem is my 3 dogs go barking cazy when they hear something at the door, and often wake my 8mth old son from his naps. Ive tried get out of bed and shout out the window at them no junk mail, but they look at me like im cazy and Im not even sure if they understand me.

I must look like a nutter. after only getting back to bed after a feed at 3 Im probably asleep by 4.30 then someone other than my son wakes my dogs and baby and me again.

When are babies happy to sleep in there own cot for the night. it takes me up to 2 hours to get son to sleep at night usualy by around 10 ish I tried letting him nod of somewhere else and put him in cot afterwards but the second he hits the matress he forces himself into sitting up position and sometimes standing and crying for anything from an hour to three hours.

I am nuts this was ment to be about junk mail not babies. sorry everyone but I do feel better now I got that of my chest.

but will send the junk i recieve to whoever sends the freepost envelopes
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