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Default Refurbishing an Old Cottage - last update Dec 2012

Hi! All

The cottage as come a long way, but is a long way from finished, the main jobs still outstanding.

Long hallway.

Bedroom nr 2, there is no celling or floor in this bedroom as water was getting in through the roof.

The heating and hot water.

The outside pipping as some of it was broken by roots.

Flooring through out.


House needs to be painted.

And the porch had to be knocked down as it was pulling at the cottage walls, leaving the from of the house with holes, where the brick of the porch join the house.

Will be updating here and adding pictures as we go along.

If you have anything we can use or advice, please click on link to our wanted thread, thanks

We started with the drive and the area around the cottage as it was very bad and inaccessible.

We have now received with many many thanks:).

Cole - Kitchen
Another site - Kitchen taps
Various people - Loads of advice
IrishHomer - Bath
familyguy - Flooring, Loads of Tiles, Window & TV Ariel
Pallasbull - Doors, sky dish and items of furniture
Biker Chick - Bread maker and PS1
Angelina - Shower Doors
Luimneach - Caravan Mattresses
Avril in another site - Coal bunker, carpet, car trailer, fence, etc .
LiamJ - Fireplace
Sean - wheelie bins
Pallasbull - Saw, Paint & more
cluelessjewel - Jewellery box for another project
Chorcai - Antique Suitcase & Fondue
monalitto - Corner bath and taps
Pallasbull - Sick, electric shower, table
martin - Sand, gates and other building materials
monalitto - Mixer taps for the bathroom
mewl81 - Light fitting, sockets, etc
Sean - Sick, Electric work, furniture and much more
tadgher - Shelves
Dannloads - Small fish tank
Dave Hyland - Tiles and Doors
bullg - Doors and other bits and peaces
35Glen - Old school desk
finj - Display cabinet, coffee table and TV.
Bullg - Table saw
delia1 - Table and chairs/table lamp/Windows &doors, etc
Neon-Circles - Wheelie bins
Eibhlin ni Sheambrai - Under sink water heater
murph - Corner sofa
Bob&Tina - Freezer
takeit - Double bed
delia1 - Dog House
oneniall - Shelves
dminihane1 - 2 dark brown arm chairs
kt72 - Lawnmower, paint, net and more
Pallasbull - Paint, paint sprayer, brackets

Thank you all :)
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