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Default Refurbished chairs

I got two of these armchairs from a Jumbletowner in Sandycove. They were in pretty bad condition as the lady cares for rescue dogs, who sat and drooled all over the chairs, particularly the arms. I liked the shape and contours of the chairs so risked it! Several months of putting them out in the garden any time it was dry, bottles of febreze and pet odour remover and finally they were ready for re-upholstering. I used the curtains from a room where I was changing the colour scheme, so that saved buying fabric. I did not attempt these myself as I felt that it was a big job and wanted them to look well when finished, so got a company I have used before to do the work. I just wanted to show how different a piece of furniture can look with a change of colour and some cleaning. I'm sure you will agree that it is a transformation.
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