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Default Homemade compost heap

We have an area at the bottom of the garden between the oil tank and the boundary wall. My Hubby built a low wall to the front to contain the contents and to allow easy access. We use it for
Grass cuttings,
leaves & flowers,
Vegetable & fruit peelings,
tea leaves & coffee grounds,
raw egg shells & fire ash,
non-woody garden prunings. Any woody cuttings or prunings are put behind the oil tank and rot away in their own time.
Once a year, usually springtime, we take the top-half off the heap and add the most composted part as a top dressing to the flowerbeds and around the base of the trees in the garden. We also use it in a couple of old children's sand pits to grow some potatoes, vegetables & herbs for our own use. The children love this activity and enjoy to tending the veg pits themselves. Its fantastic to see our little one's running in to tell us another seedling has broken through the clay. Well worth the effort. We have had no problem with rats although we have a dog in the garden so maybe she helps here but we haven't seen any evidence!
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