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Originally Posted by chamallo
I'm not sure what you can do but there was a post placed on my ad and I would like it removed

I am collecting for a specific charity and people are sending to me for this cause but the last person posted the name of another charity on my page???

I think they should set up their own ad if they want people to support the cause............ maybe they thought they were helping but please remove the post

Regards cathy
Hi chamallo,

I've removed the post in question and sent a copy of your reply-post as a PM to the Member in question (Brenda2011).

Your ad can be

I've also informed Brenda2011 to create a new ad/thread should she wish to collect for the charity she mentions.

Thanks for using JumbleTown, chamallo, and keep up the good work!

Thanks also to Brenda2011 for the heads-up on the other charity.

Chris P
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