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Default Re-purposing: Picture Frame (Re-purpose this if you can - challenge)

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I have been given my next repurposing challenge. ...

And it's a toughie. An ancient, woodworm riddled, peeling, old, large picture frame. Found in an old derelict house in Leitrim. Would be great to light the fire! But no - I have an idea for repurposing it into......well, can anyone guess what it will become?

All I'll say it that it wont be a picture frame!
I know exactly how it will turn out - I can see it in my mind's eye finished and in daily use.

UPDATE: Finished at last. I painted the frame, filled it with hardboard, painted it with blackboard paint, used part of a brown front cover from the old sheet music and trimmed that with some very old wallpaper trim, added a piece of chalk on a string. Done.

UPDATE: Hubby not happy - Dog very happy!
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