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Default Natural Alternatives to Cleaning Products etc.

OK hands up all those of you keeping a kitchen cupboard full of chemical sprays and others? I know they make house cleaning and! Keeping weeds and pests at bay but ... Would you consider natural alternatives? I wish i could say I always did but I can't because that's be lying! Imagine working full time 12 hours night shift duties for too many years? On my days off I'd doze on and off and clean up the fast way. Pshh! Dust free furnitures. Pshh! Clean windows. Pssh! Death to weeds and goodness knows how many Pshh I used! I still use Pshh in the shape of my inhalers because I have asthma and this came as a reaction to! Allergy to chemicals. Had other health problems as well so needed a re think. Some of you will probably know some of the following but supposing others didn't! It might help and someone else might add other ideas so we can all learn to drop sprays, benefit our health and!!! Mother nature too!

Wooden furnitures? OK it takes longer but using good old wax, rub well, leave it time for wood to absorb it, (While you make a cuppa tea or text someone)
then using a soft brush (Or an old jumper ready for the bin)... Elbow grease! Your wooden furnitures will not only look far better but the wood will appreciate it too! Then you can find lavender wax and others. So, not only gorgeous shine but also a nice smell too! Careful though ... Not on varnished furnitures!!!

Warm water and a dollop of white vinegar will clean your windows better than any spray or chemical way! In fact! Using an old cloth go for it then scrunch newspapers and use to wipe. Your windows will come up shiny and not only that! Scrunched newspaper protects them from the rain too. OK they'll get dirty again but not too fast.

Bread soda diluted in water will not only relieve heartburns instantly but it will also help cleaning carpets, rugs and much more!

White vinegar will keep weeds at bay. Using a plastic water sprayer, spray a little white vinegar on weeds, add on daily for a few days and the weed will die!

Flowers looking worse for wear? plunge stems into boiling water. By the time the water is cold, flowers will have revived. Cut end of stems, place in a vase with cool water and voila!

To clean fridge and microwave: Use equal parts of bread soda and water so you get a paste (Add water slowly not to over wet paste). Scrub with paste then wipe down with a clean cloth. Fridge and microwave will not only be clean but also odour free. Old T Shirts cut into trips work great to wipe clean!

Use lemon juice to clean the toilets. You know these plastic lemon shape things we buy for a quick drop of lemon juice? Leave in the toilet for a while then brush. It works a treat!

Use dry lavender to keep in your wardrobes and cupboards. Keeps away moths and insects.

White vinegar sprayed by doors and windows will also annoy flies and/Or creepy crawlies. They do not like the smell of it.

Sprays and cans of quick fix may work/Not work you still need to get rid of them meaning ... Bin them when they're empty. These simple ways help, not only your health and mother nature but ... Reduce the amount of waste for your bin too.
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