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Default great ideas

Great thread to start...well done Ozzieandros.

Vinegar is great for cleaning glass shower doors.

I'm going to try the salt on patio weeds.
Boiling water on patio weeds do es the job too. I have cut right down on these cleaning sprays and use alternatives whenever possible.

I always throw used teabags or leaves at base of rose bushes, (tear them open first) The roses are thriving. I also use a little soapy water if I spot any greenfly on the roses. Works a treat.

Coal tar soap made into a paste using hot water makes a great insect repellant and leaves you skin super smooth.

Lavendar oil is a first aid kit in a bottle. Magic on minor burns, bites or grazes.

A few drops of lavendar oil in water in a spray bottle is great as an air freshner and deters flies, creepy crawlies and helps restful sleep.

Wet newspaper in flower beds and covered with soil or compost will keep weeds from growing in your flower beds. Works better than the black liner sold for this purpose.

Dunne's stores brown paper bags are stronger than normal shop bought paper for posting parcels. You can turn it inside out or let it have a great vintage striped, and sepia photo design to it!

Com' on everybody...let's have your green ideas!
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