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Default Old walls stripped of wallpaper


Im trying to make my grans house livable again. I dont have a big budget as its used maybe twice a year. The main living area has layers and layers of wallpaper that looks terrible. Id like to strip it back but know the walls will be in a bad shape. What can I do to get them looking smooth.... I dont want to dry line the house as thats a big job and I dont have the money and its not actually damp.
Ive seen lining paper,,, but Id really like to have them skimmed with plaster... is this even possible ? Is there a heavy duty primer kind of product that can be smoothed on ?
Ive asked a few plasterer friends who have all said... big job, do it right etc etc... but until I have the money to do that I wonder is there a product that would look well ? dare I even say beauty board ?????????
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