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I started by dismantling it, took out the drawers and front panels. Removed the top boxes and back lip. Then I turned it upside down and had fun removing the feet. There were a lot of rusty screws and everything was stuck solid, but I got there eventually. I also removed the bottom board, 2 of the screws sheared, so half was left in the wood and one I managed to get out with only half a head.

I started by sanding the top down to the bare wood, which was it's original state judging by what was under the top drawer boxes. There was some woodworm holes here, that lead to long crevices, when I finished sanding, I filled them in with wood filler. I washed it with white spirit and when that was dry I stained it with antique pin before varnishing it (Yacht varnish).
I sanded down the rest and filled in all the other holes, replaced the missing wood and painted the rest magnolia (Woodies high gloss). This took 2 coats.
The drawer fronts I decided to varnish, the dark lines where already there so I decided to leave them.

Cleaning up the brass, oh boy. the handles I dipped in nail varnish remover to get rid of the paint, then I used a vinegar solution to clean them, followed by brasso to buff. There were lovely brass rings on the legs, I left them to soak in Coke as the other solution had no impact. Coco cola all the way in future.
I bought pine knobs for the feet and stained and varnished them too. I found a nice folk image online and printed it out to make drawer liners, since I couldn't find any groovy stuff to buy.

The best thing is that I can use it as a craft desk or dressing table if I pop a mirror in the middle.
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