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Default :o) drying clothes...

in our house we have both a fireplace and a night-store heater in the lounge...i wash my clothes in the evenings and put them on the clothes horse in front of the heater and most of them are dry by the morning, or definately dry by the time i'm home from work. for thing like trousers, jeans, hoodies and shirts i hang these on hangers as they take up less room and dry faster this way, and i can hang them anywhere in the lounge at night. it's great -cheap and effective - we have one of those two in one washer-dryers which seem to take ages to dry anything and eat the electricity, i don't really use this much - just for sheets occasionally.

during the rainy summers i do the same except without the heater - i just put the clothes horse on either the kitchen table or on the spare bed (they're not in my way then) with the windows open, or hang the jeans on hangers on the curtain rail in the spare room.

very happy with this system!
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