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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 07:23 AM #16
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Carlow
Posts: 198
Default Junk mail

I must admit I nearly wet myself when I read this! It's a great idea and I will be doing this from now on!!!
Thanks!!! :)
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 07:38 AM #17
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Trim
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Glad to be of service!
Yeah, those stickers annoy me so much too, I have a No junk sign, which is regularly ignored, and what really bothers me is that you can't even recycle them!!
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 09:00 AM #18
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Bray, Co. Wicklow
Posts: 81
Default junk mail

I am fed up with having stuff put in the letter box in the middle of the night. we have had leaflets (clothes collection) put through at 3.30 am , 4.10 am. 5.30 am and thats just in the last 3 weeks, and when the dog hears the letter box he starts barking the house down so everyone is awake. cant blame the dog he thinks he is protecting us, but would really like to ring someones neck. Its too dark for them to read a sign on the door at that hour. How much junk do they think people have ,we get 3 or 4 of these leaflets alone every week not to mention the takeaway menus and advertising stuff. some have email addresses on them to make look legal but when you go to email them to complain about the hour they deliver at they dont exist. there should be some government dept to complain to.
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 09:05 AM #19
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Dundrum, Co. Tipperary
Posts: 160
Default Paper pain

You have it up there for thinking you clever person you. I feel if a very large number of us start sending back all this junk mail that we didn't ask for in the first place the message is sure to get through eventually, brcause their admin department is going to have to deal with it and obviously it will be a matter for discussion if they aren't pleased. So come on people return the junk I say!
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 09:37 AM #20
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 369

If its dark when they are coming with junk, You should set a mousetrap in the letter box. That should stop the junk
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 10:36 AM #21
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Cork City
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Default Junk mail

Hi All, Another sick of picking up junk mail every day, the best idea ever send them all back,there is money being made somewhere by all this. I am sure An Post is not doing it for free. I am going to start sending them all back now as well, the only way to maybe get through to all those people sending them.
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Old Posted: 10-09-2008 , 09:55 PM #22
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 67
Default Flyers

Originally Posted by tasmin
brilliant idea...

so i though i might pick ur brain about another letterbox problem.

have you any good ideas about what i can do about the amount of leaflets/flyers that come through the letterbox?

at the moment i am getting anywhere between 6/12 of these flaming things a day....and i'm just sick of it!!!!

any ideas welcome......
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Old Posted: 11-09-2008 , 08:59 AM #23
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Dundrum, Co. Tipperary
Posts: 160
Default Junk mail

Hi Bridget
I would be interested in the answer to that too. I am just after getting more junk mail via the postman.....2 of the same leaflets about sky box, 2 of the same leaflets about hidden hearing aids and a leaflet about a used clothes collection. That's five today and when you add these all up it comes to a fair amount in one week. Why should we have to recycle all this unwanted junk that someone else as you say is getting paid for and i'm sure you are right on that. Looking forward to hearing a free way of getting rid of this.
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Old Posted: 25-09-2008 , 11:32 AM #24
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Big city of Belturbet
Posts: 508
Default Bravo

Love this idea. I've just told the girls at work about it too and we're all going to give this a bash. Sure if nothing else it'll give us all a good giggle and everyone needs that too don't they! :-)

Thanks for the idea.
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Old Posted: 25-09-2008 , 11:58 AM #25
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 5
Default clothes bags & stickers

A few months ago I saw red when yet another sticker came in the door and I put a sign on the door that says 'NO CLOTHES COLLECTION STICKERS'. It has worked in so far as I get the odd one now, but it's definately an improvement. Only thing is some smartass decided it didn't say bags so I have to add bags to it! I will be returning the junkmail from now on too...........a great idea
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Old Posted: 25-09-2008 , 01:14 PM #26
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 64

I just bought a house and I haven't even done the whole "change of address" thing yet, so the only mail I get is the junk mail / flyers / clothes bags & stickers. This is such a brilliant idea! I am definately going to be sending it all back!!

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Old Posted: 25-09-2008 , 04:03 PM #27
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Dublin
Posts: 252
Default funny tale about junk mail

the other day i was in the kitchen talking to my nephew when i heard the letter box click....well something just snapped in me!

i ran out to the hall and grabbed the leaflets that this guy dropped into my letterbox and ran after the guy, when i caugh up to him, i said" here, i didnt ask for theses, so why should i have the responsiblity of getting rid of them, give them back to whoever ur working for" well you should have seen the face on him lmao

it was a a mixture of confusion and annoyance .

somehow i dont think he'll be dropping any more leaflets in my letterbox again :-)

and as for my my nephew,god love him, he though i had flipped, the poor chap didnt know what the heck was wrong with me lol.

though he did laugh when i told him what i did.
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Old Posted: 28-09-2008 , 11:39 AM #28
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 6
Default Passing junk mail back down the line

Every got sick and tired of asking a company NOT to send you stuff? Or a company who persist in NOT believing that such a person no longer lives at this address? What I do when this happens is to return it to the sender, marked yet again as 'gone away' in an envelope with no stamp on. The sender has to pay the postage, and the time taken to open the envelope and only then discover that it is their own, junk, returned.

I wouldn't mind so much, this junk mail, if it wasn't all glossy, and so not suitable for composting in my many bins!

Doesn't even work well in the composting loo!

I would not like to p**s off my postie, though, who is a star for finding us in the rural wastes of western Ireland, so I won't be giving them back to him.
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Old Posted: 29-09-2008 , 12:48 PM #29
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Dublin 22
Posts: 119
Default good idea

I too have a no junk mail sign on my door and still I get the odd junk mail and I get a sticker or a bag for charity collections every morning between 5.30 6.00 am (is this not classified as junk mail) I think anything not addressed to me and sent with the post man is junk.

My main problem is my 3 dogs go barking cazy when they hear something at the door, and often wake my 8mth old son from his naps. Ive tried get out of bed and shout out the window at them no junk mail, but they look at me like im cazy and Im not even sure if they understand me.

I must look like a nutter. after only getting back to bed after a feed at 3 Im probably asleep by 4.30 then someone other than my son wakes my dogs and baby and me again.

When are babies happy to sleep in there own cot for the night. it takes me up to 2 hours to get son to sleep at night usualy by around 10 ish I tried letting him nod of somewhere else and put him in cot afterwards but the second he hits the matress he forces himself into sitting up position and sometimes standing and crying for anything from an hour to three hours.

I am nuts this was ment to be about junk mail not babies. sorry everyone but I do feel better now I got that of my chest.

but will send the junk i recieve to whoever sends the freepost envelopes
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Old Posted: 30-09-2008 , 12:50 PM #30
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Big city of Belturbet
Posts: 508

Oh pupster, my heart goes out to you. Do you have the baby in a room with a telly before bed by any chance? I used to do that and my little Angel wouldn't settle for me. Then I left the telly off one evening (by accident) and played music instead and -hey presto - calmly went off to bed. Maybe some soothing music before bed, relaxation cds or something like that and they say a massage helps too and it helps you bond even more with your precious angel. Best of luck and enlist some help during the day to give you a break and get some rest. Take care.
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