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  4. Sewing Items (Dublin)
  5. Boys Annuals(North Dublin)
  6. Hoping to build a house (Carlow)
  7. Lego (Carlow)
  8. ps 1 games (Limerick)
  9. Reusing reading glasses and distance glasses
  10. Paving slabs (Portlaoise or near Ballymount in Dublin) or Rush or Skerries
  11. Dryer (condenser or vented) (Meath + surrounding counties)
  12. Food dehydrator (Meath + surrounding counties)
  13. Magazines (Kilkenny)
  14. Freestanding Stove (Louth/M1)
  15. Ukulele for student all areas considered (Enfield based)
  16. Building blocks + Pre-1980 magazines (Kilkenny)
  17. Phone Books(Dublin)
  18. Books (Laois)
  19. Old Power tools /woodworking equipment (Carrick-on-Suir)
  20. Bugaboo Buffalo Seat Frame (Meath)
  21. End tables (Dublin)
  22. De Walt tools (Dublin)
  23. Bar/pub memorabilia (Cork)
  24. Musical instruments, chainsaws, motor bikes (Limerick)
  25. Camper to sleep 3 adults (Dublin)
  26. Game consoles working or not (Postage will be paid)
  27. Garden Shed (Cork)
  28. garden shed 8X6FT (Southeast)
  29. Girls clothes age 11/12 (Monaghan) (By Post)
  30. Small garden shed for my allotment 6ftx4ft approx (Dublin West)
  31. Sewing patterns (Dublin)
  32. All kinds of metal Bells for art project
  33. Food dehydrator (Meath, Dublin & surrounding counties)
  34. Dryer (condenser or vented) (Dublin, Meath & surrounding counties)
  35. Chest of drawers (Dublin)
  36. Leaving Cert School Books (Cabinteely/Dun Laoghaire, Dublin)
  37. Telescope or binoculars (Wicklow)
  38. Galvanized Roof Panels (Longford)
  39. Bunk bed (Offaly)
  40. power tools,mains and battery powered (Carrick on Suir)
  42. Ladies clothes size 16-18 (Tallaght, Dublin)
  43. GRASSMEN DVDs (Enfield, all areas, postage)
  44. shed or back door (Leinster)
  45. Goretex jackets, pants and gloves (Cork/Postage)
  46. Board games (Monaghan)
  47. So crafty light beige Aran wool colour no K876 (Limerick/Postage)
  48. House bits, cooker, sofas (Galway)
  49. Virgin Media Set Top Box (not Horizon) (Stillorgan, Dublin)
  50. Fleece blankets for Guinea Pig bedding (Kilkenny)
  51. Piano or Keyboard (Carlow)
  52. Shower pod
  53. Old CB radios and amateur radios (Longford/postage)
  54. Baby boy clothes 6 months to 2 years (Cavan)
  55. Machine that sews up knitting seams (Dublin area)
  56. VCR Machine (South Dublin)
  57. Electric Cooker, Fridge and Dinner set (Dublin)
  58. Bench Press (Cork)
  59. Ps2 Games (Monaghan)
  60. Knitting/Sewing patterns (Dublin)
  61. treadle sewing machine (Wexford)
  62. Vintage / Old Style Cups and Saucers (Dublin)
  63. Glasshouse/Greenhouse (Limerick)
  64. speakers (Cavan)
  65. Treadle sewing machine (Wexford)
  66. Hen house and fencing (Laois/Offaly)
  67. Horse blanket x 2
  68. Keyboard for iMac G5. Dublin
  69. Top loading washing machine or twin tub
  70. Corner bench seating
  71. jumper/socks/cap for a costume (Dublin city/south city)
  72. Wood for carving(Swords)
  73. Home brewing equipment (Cavan)
  74. JC Novel, The Outsiders by SE Hinton, Enfield, Dublin West, N4
  75. Waffle Maker Enfield, Dublin west, n4
  76. 4-way connectors for a Marquee (Monaghan)
  77. Old Irish style (Wexford)
  78. Urinal (Limerick)
  79. Door hardware (Carlow)
  80. Bricks (Dublin)
  81. Looking for "The Outsiders" for JC, exam papers, revision books etc
  82. Boys clothes ages 11-14 (Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford)
  83. Clothes rails (Wexford)
  84. Ambiano Balloon Whisk (Offaly)
  85. Sweet valley / Sweet Dreams Books (Waterford)
  86. Board games / toys (Waterford)
  87. Jigsaws (Dublin)
  88. Upright piano (Kerry/Cork)
  89. Old Christmas tree lights with 50mm stars (Offaly)
  90. Radio (Enniscorthy/Bunclody)
  91. Bunk beds (Galway/Mayo/Roscommon)
  92. Old-style sideboard (Clare, Limerick)
  93. Kitchen Dresser (Clare, Limerick)
  94. Shed (Bray, Wicklow)
  95. Super Ser (Cavan)
  96. Small hall/lamp table to do up and expired curtains (Limerick)
  97. Canoe/boat (Dublin)
  98. Broken crystal chandelier for craft project (Wexford)
  99. Metal Garden Arch - Not too wide (Dublin)
  100. Junior Cycle Romeo & Juliette, Of Mice & Men (N$ postage all areas)
  101. Golf cart /trolley NOT Battery N4, all areas considered
  102. Soft leather large shoulder bag (Cavan)
  103. Fishing books (Kilkenny)
  104. Blankets/cushions (Dublin 24)
  105. Old computer monitor (Midlands)
  106. CD Player (Kilkenny)
  107. Terracyle Recycle items
  108. Triax (Limerick)
  109. Antlers (Kilkenny)
  110. Maple kitchen units or doors (Carlow)
  111. Skateboard (Dublin)
  112. Kitchen (Kerry)
  113. Age 9+ girls clothes (Nenagh direction,Limerick city, East Clare)
  114. Small 2 door press or wardrobe (Dublin/Meath border)
  115. Bugaboo Cameleon Grey Melange Under Buggy Basket (Meath)
  116. carver chair (Dublin)
  117. canvas wardrobe/shelve (limerick/Kerry)
  118. french doors (laois, kildare or carlow)
  119. Tank for a turtle (Meath)
  120. Novum 1000 sewing machine (Dublin)
  121. Bush DVD remote (Kilkenny)
  122. Triax (Limerick)
  123. Spanish Language Books (Laois, Tipp, Offaly, Kildare, Dublin)
  124. Old Vespa scooter (Dublin/Countrywide)
  125. Dyson DC50 for parts (Countrywide)
  126. Bamboo plants ( Dublin 3)
  127. Smoking Pipe (Dublin)
  128. Dog run (we're in co. Limerick, but will travel for one)
  129. Dog/cat carrier (I'm in co. Limerick boarder with Kerry)
  130. Gardening tools (Laois, Offaly, Tipp, Kildare, Meath, Dublin)
  131. Books: Mindset by Carol Dweck; Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman (Dublin)
  132. Pump for airbed (Dublin)
  133. IKEA ektorp chair (Meath, Dublin)
  134. Book "The Magic" Dublin West, N4 to Kinnegad, ALL area considered
  135. Wheelbarrow (Leitrim)
  136. Vintage style milk churn (Leitrim)
  137. Egg cartons (Leitrim)
  138. Ankle / wrist weights 0.5 kg each Dublin west, N4, everywhere
  139. Rug (Dublin 8)
  140. Old boat (Leitrim)
  141. Roof Rack Opel Meriva (Laois/Offaly/Kildare/Dublin)
  142. Potstand (Dublin)
  143. Used/old/unwanted cement blocks/bricks (Sligo)
  144. wheel drum for garden hose (Dublin or south Mayo/east Galway)
  145. Patio doors ( Kerry)
  146. Bike basket (Longford)
  147. Awning poles (Laois, Wexford)
  148. Maths Challenge and Past Times Primary school Text Books (Meath)
  149. Trees (Longford)
  150. Golf trolley (Dublin)
  151. oak floor boards, 1990s vintage (Dublin)
  152. Bunk Bed (Sutton, Dublin)
  153. Cot Bed Zipped Mattress Cover (Meath)
  154. Small storage unit/shelving unit (Dublin)
  155. GAA Programmes wanted
  156. Bugaboo Bee Maxi Cosi adaptors (Meath)
  157. Want to use your rubbish to raise funds for AADI
  158. Guitar (Kilkenny)
  159. Over bed trolley table (Kildare)
  160. Large dining table Kerry
  161. Computer monitor flat screen at least 19"
  162. Halloween decorations/costumes
  163. Spin dryer or twin tub (Kerry - will travel)
  164. House Windows (Wexford)
  165. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Laois)
  166. Kitchen Tap (Dublin)
  167. Plastic wrappers and items for recycling
  168. Plug-in speakers (Cavan/Longford)
  169. Latin Mass Missal (Dublin)
  170. Wooden Table (Wexford)
  171. Rugs (South Dublin)
  172. Cups (Midlands)
  173. Tiny Baby Clothes (Meath; Post)
  174. Sewing machine
  175. Wanted-For recycling to raise funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
  176. Kitchen items (Dublin; south east Mayo/south west Galway)
  177. Toddler Mattress (West Dublin)