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Chris P
09-06-2011, 03:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

We request that potential Takers respect Givers' "Collection Only" instructions. Takers who ignore such instructions and respond on an ad/thread enquiring if a Giver is willing to send an item through the post will have their responses/posts on the thread deleted without prior notification. In other words, such responses/posts will be regarded as "thread/ad spoilers" that delay the Giving and Taking process and simply create extra work for all concerned.

Takers should also not send Private Messages (PMs) to Givers asking for an item to be sent through the post, if the Giver has already specifically stated on the public ad/thread that the item needs to be collected. Givers who receive such PMs should advise Admin and we'll deal with the matter. Takers who persist in ignoring "Collection Only" instructions may be banned.

Ideally, Givers should state on their ad/thread if they are willing to send an item through the post. Some Givers do not state their preference -- in such cases, potential Takers may request if the Giver is willing to post the item in question. If the Giver responds that they are not willing to post, they should edit their initial post and clearly state their "Collection Only" preference.

If a Giver does not receive any responses to a "Collection Only" item, they may decide to edit their ad stating that they will, in fact, accept an SAE. In such cases, the Giving and Taking process begins again and Takers who'd earlier asked if the Giver was willing to post (and received a negative response) should not expect special treatment or preference from the Giver.

Admin's views on sending items through the post can be read in the following Support Forum post:


Thanks for your co-operation in this matter, JumbleTowners, and keep up the good work!

Chris P