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02-07-2022, 12:01 PM
Collection of hundreds of contemporary postcards, featuring a broad variety of subjects (none of which are souvenir-type views of landscapes etc). Originally collected for use in idea generation in a creative agency so typically featuring striking images of animals, birds, famous Irish writers, bridges etc

10-07-2022, 01:35 AM
Would love these if they are still available my email
nclconlon@gmail.com thank you

12-07-2022, 11:42 AM
Hi -

I emailed you yesterday at the address you provided to say:

Good news!

The postcard collection is still available for collection from either Killiney Hill Road or Blackrock Village.

All the best, Gerard

01-08-2022, 02:21 PM
Previous claimant has been unable to collect, and has suggested I make available again.
Let me know if there are any takers. Would love to see the collection find a good home. :-)

03-08-2022, 05:48 PM
Hi I would love if still available.

04-08-2022, 07:09 AM
Hi - Yes, the postcards are still available. Please let me know when you’d like to arrange collection?

04-08-2022, 07:09 AM
You can reach me at gtannam@mac.com