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Chris P
04-02-2008, 10:46 PM

1. "Available" ads/threads must be updated by Givers within 3 days of a Taker having expressed an interest; otherwise the ad/thread will be removed from the Public Forum/the Board to Admin's (hidden) Archive;

2. "Reserved" ads/threads must be updated every 6 days; otherwise Admin will consider the item to be Taken and remove it from the Public Forum to Admin's (hidden) Archive.


(a) Givers should respond to a post or PM (Private Message) from a potential Taker within 3 days. Even if a Giver decides to use the PM system, s/he should write an update at the bottom of the thread/ad on the Public Forum also. This is to keep all potential Takers and Admin aware of the item's status (Available, Reserved or Taken).

NB: If there is no response from a Giver to an expression of interest from a Taker on the Public Forum, then the ad/thread will be removed to Admin's (hidden) Archive.

Archived ads/threads can be retrieved and reposted on the Public Forum on request from the Giver. Admin can be contacted by way of PM (Private Message) -- simply click on Chris P's or Dave Hagan's name and follow the simple PM instructions. Here's how:

(b) Givers should try to keep Members up-to-date re: an item's status. If an item is Reserved or Taken, then it should be marked as such and locked/closed (see (e) below). A quick note on the Public Forum to this effect is also useful. Items that are Reserved for more than six days will be removed from the Public Forum unless they are updated by the Giver.

(c) If a Taker receives information from a Giver, the Taker should respond within three days. Otherwise, the Taker's expression of interest (or "post") may be deleted and the Giver's ad bumped up the listings by Admin. This is called "cleaning up" or "pruning" an ad/thread in order to ensure that an item goes as quickly as possible.

(d) Members should respond to all PMs (where practicable).

(e) Givers should maintain their own ads/threads. Items that have been Reserved or Taken should be indicated as such. To change the status of an item, view your ad, click on the small arrow at the right of the status-box; choose the appropriate status from the drop-down box, then click "Update" to the right of the status-box. (You may then have to press the F5 key in the top row of your keyboard to refresh your page-view.)

Reserved and Taken ads/threads can also be closed/locked by Givers (Available ads should not locked): Here's how to lock an ad:

Thanks for your co-operation.

Chris P