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Teish 22-06-2020 03:50 PM

Gel Ice Packs and Foil Wraps
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I've got about 5 of these.
Basically they are like an insulated foil envelope (foil bubble wrap) that keeps your food cold when you use the gel ice pack that you freeze as needed.

Always handy to keep a gel pack in the freezer and the foil wrap in the car for keeping stuff cold on the road, or bringing the frozen/fridge food home from shopping, or keeping a takeaway warm. I've even used a few of the sheets to insulate the dogs bed :D

Approx 3.5 foot long measured open x 1.5 foot wide
When wrapped up measure approx. 1x1 foot
Gel packs measure approx. 8x6 inches

Collection only.

Please reply on thread only.

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