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Chris P 16-01-2009 10:05 PM

About Green Tube...
Hi Everyone, and welcome to Green Tube, JumbleTown's video-forum, which showcases the best environment-related videos courtesy of youtube.com and veoh.com


Only Admin may add new videos to this forum. However, Members may suggest the inclusion of green videos they like -- they should copy and paste the video's url (in the address bar at the top of the page) and PM it to JumbleTown's Admin (Chris P & Dave Hagan), who may then add it to the GreenTube forum.

Members can still make posts responding to the videos, as in all of the other forums on JumbleTown.

Viewing Instructions:

1. Turn on your computer's speakers;

2. Click the "Play" icon in the centre of the video, or the far left button in the video's base bar;

3. To view in full-screen mode, click the expand icon at the bottom right of the base bar;

4. To exit full-screen mode, hit the "Esc" key (extreme top-left of your keyboard);

5. The volume control is second from the left in the base bar.

Chris P

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