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User Agreement for JumbleTown.ie

Welcome to JumbleTown. The terms and conditions listed below apply to the services available from the domain http://www.jumbletown.ie

The following constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and JumbleTown. You must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this User Agreement before you can become a member of JumbleTown, Please read through all of the terms and conditions.

1. Acceptance of User Agreement and Subsequent Amendments (if any): Each and every time you access or use JumbleTown (hereinafter called “the Web Site”) you hereby agree to be bound by this User Agreement and its terms and, if amended at any time, by those amendments, in respect of which you may or may not be notified. Moreover, you agree that if and when you use any service provided by, advertised on, or accessed through the Web Site, you accept that you will be bound by all rules, terms of use and guidelines applicable to those said services that shall be deemed incorporated into this User Agreement and its terms.

2. The Service Provided: The Web Site and service or services provided thereon to any User, whether by, through, or in connection with, the Web Site are provided strictly under the following provisos. You and any User agree that the owners of the Web Site have an absolute and irrevocable right at any time and in any manner, whether with or without notice, to change, alter, or wholly discontinue the Web Site and any or all of its services, and to delete, change or store the information provided by the User. This may be done wholly at the discretion of the owners of the Web Site. In connection with the provision of information, data, or any details by the User, the User accepts that no liability whatever shall accrue to the owners of the Web Site in the punctuality, provision, deletion, failure or inadvertence to store, and the inaccuracy or inappropriate delivery of the said data or information.

3. Privacy Policy: Registration data (e.g., email address) and other personal information that may be passed on by Users to the managers of JumbleTown is subject to the terms of the our privacy policy, which may be seen here.

4. The User’s Responsibilities and Obligation arising under Registration: The User accepts that in order to use the Web Site he/she must register so to do under this User Agreement. The User accepts that he/she must at all times provide information that is true and accurate when using the Web Site.

5. Registration and Password: It is the responsibility of the User to keep confidential the User Password and the User is advised not to disclose this password to anyone else. The User accepts that he/she bears full responsibility for any or all uses of the Web Site related to his/her registration and log-in, whether authorised or not by the User. The User undertakes to notify the owners of the Web Site of any unauthorised use of the registration or password as soon as the User becomes aware that such inappropriate use has been made.

6. A User’s Conduct on the Web Site: The User is solely and exclusively responsible for the information or data of any kind, whether in the form of written text, images or any other material whatsoever (that shall hereinafter be referred to as the “the matter”) put on the Web Site by the User. The owners of the Web Site shall not be responsible to the User in any way for the said matter, nor shall the owner be responsible for any failure, neglect, mistake, error or omission in the manner in which the owner processes the said matter.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the User agrees to the following:
1. the User shall not furnish any matter or do anything that is or may be illegal, criminal, wrongful, unlawful, menacing, deleterious, threatening, harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, obscene, offensive, objectionable, pornographic, or that is, or may be, contrary to the rights of any citizen whether residing in Ireland or elsewhere, whether under the civil or the criminal law of this or any jurisdiction.
2. the User undertakes not to misrepresent in any way him/herself and not to misrepresent any matter furnished by him/herself.
3. the User acknowledges that the Web Site’s owners have the right to refuse to publish or to discontinue or refuse access to any matter provided by any User at any time as decided by the owners without reference to the User.
4. the User undertakes not to distribute viruses, destructive programme or any other technologies that may affect the Web Site or other Users’ computers.
5. the User agrees and undertakes in no way to attempt or to purport to use the matter or the service provided in any commercial manner or in any manner that would involve any form of unauthorized advertising, spam, junk mail.
6. the User agrees that in providing matter to the Web Site, the User provides to the owners a perpetual and irrevocable right to use and manipulate (in any way that the owner thinks fit and at their absolute discretion) the said matter, in respect of which in all cases the User warrants that he has every right and entitlement to furnish that said right to the owner.
7. the User shall not engage in information gathering concerning any other User of the Web Site.
8. the User agrees that the Web Site’s owners and staff shall not be liable for or responsible in any manner for the User’s dealings or interaction with third parties who may advertise their services or products on the Web Site.
9. the User agrees to indemnify the owner, its servants or agents and any or all of its workers, employees or contractors, and advertisers from any claim or suit that may be made by any other User or by any other party whatever arising out of the use by the User of this Web Site, including the provision of matter or the User’s failure to observe any or all of the terms of this user agreement or arising out of any breach of duty by the User to any other User or any party whatever. The said indemnity shall be a full and complete indemnity in respect of any action or claim and shall include a full indemnity for all costs arising from any such action or claim.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
The User acknowledges that his/her use of the Web Site and any or all or of its related services is provided to the User strictly at the User’s own risk. The owners hereby expressly disclaim any warranty whether express or implied that the service provided by the owners will be free of virus, secure, accurate, of good quality, uninterrupted or free of error or safe for download.

The User acknowledges that neither the owners, nor its servants or agents, or any User or person connected with Web Site provides advice of any kind in any professional or other capacity, and that any User acting on any advice from any of the foregoing is accepting such advice solely and exclusively for information purposes only and entirely at his/her risk and without any liability attaching thereto whatever.

Exclusion of Liability:
The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that the owners of the Web Site shall in no circumstances be liable for any damages of whatsoever nature arising out of, or resulting from, the use or inability to use the service, any expenditure or cost arising from the necessity to obtain substitute goods or services consequent upon or related to any transaction entered into on or through the Web Site.

JumbleTown.ie - Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlined below shows how JumbleTown.ie manages the personal information of its Members.

When you register with JumbleTown.ie (hereinafter called the “Web Site”), the following personal information is collected and stored:

1. your email address;
2. your computer’s IP Address.

The Web Site’s Administrators do not pass on your personal information to third parties (such as commercial companies or advertisers). However, Members may be able to access third party web sites directly from the JumbleTown Website. JumbleTown’s Privacy Policy does not apply when you access third party web sites, so Members should make themselves aware of the privacy policy of these third party web sites before passing on any of their personal information.

JumbleTown.ie may disclose your personal information to any successor-in-interest of ours, such as a company that acquires us. In such an event, notification will be made in the Website’s “Support Forum” and/or an email will be sent to you.

Like most web sites, JumbleTown also uses “cookies.” A cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies allow you to login and begin use of JumbleTown’s service automatically when you visit the Web Site. Cookies also help us to calculate the number of visitors to the Web Site, which in turn facilitates our monitoring and maintenance of the service we bring you.

If any changes are made to this Privacy Policy, a note will be posted in the Web Site’s “Support Forum” and/or an email will be sent to you.

If you wish your Membership to be discontinued and your personal details erased from the Web Site’s database, please send an email to info@jumbletown.ie.

By using the Web Site, you are deemed to have accepted this Privacy Policy.

-------------------- End

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