What is JumbleTown?
JumbleTown is a virtual Market Place for anyone looking to give away and/or acquire literally thousands of useful items. JumbleTown simply brings ‘Givers’ and ‘Takers’ together. It also promotes the practice of ‘life-cycling’, which is all about ensuring that the life-cycle or usefulness of an item is completed before it is recycled or discarded.

How does it work?
We all have items lying around the house, garden shed or workplace that we don’t need. Whether it is a piece of furniture, a computer monitor, a fridge, a bicycle, gardening tools or even left-over building material, one thing is certain: we would gladly part with that item because it is taking up valuable space. It is also a fair bet that someone, somewhere, in your locality wants that item, and this is where JumbleTown comes in. Simply list your unwanted item in the appropriate category and wait for someone to take it off your hands…for free.
Please read the User Guide.