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Default cottage refurbishment

Well done Tudlytops its looking good!
We undertook a similar project abroad about 12 years ago now. We had a big field in front of the house so decided to have a long curved drive up to the house (we had another access so it wasn't urgent). We started out by getting a JCB to scrape back the drive and then used all the rubble we had to fill it in. Of course this didn't go nearly far enough and we had to buy stone from the quarry. One morning in the pitch black dark a lorry came to deliver a load at the end of the drive (it all had to be then loaded into the bucket of a tractor to be spread by us afterwards!) and it was only in the daylight I saw that the telephone lines to our neighbours houses had been pulled down by the lorry. The money we saved by doing it ourselves then went on paying for the telephone company to come out and repair the lines nightmare!!
In the beginning it can be a bit disheartening that your money goes on things like the drive and for us a septic tank, rewiring but you have no choice but do these jobs first before the pretty bits. It would have been wonderful to have a Jumbletown equivalent for everything else!!!

Best of luck with the project

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