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Great work tudlytops. I refurbished a cottage in North Kilkenny, which entailed making it more comfortable for my mobility needs so I can be independent around my home. I love what you have done with the doors, the small fireplace and the one for the stove.

Thanks to so many givers here on JT, what had seemed like a very expensive endeavour, which would take me a long time to complete because of my lack of finances, my little cottage is a piece of heaven now.

I found myself on a quest, to refurbish this little house with pre-loved materials, furniture and garden items. I received windows, floor tiles, garden slabs, from givers here on JT. Today I look at all the items, even the garden gnome, whom I christened Gnome Chomsky (grin) and I remember where they came from.

Looking forward to continuing following your progress.
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