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Oh Sparkwell you are brave, I don't know if I'd have the patience for a patchwork quilt. I did a basic one years ago for my parents, but have not had the urge to do another, although the thought did pass through my mind.
Anyway I made a list of other things to do, probably to avoid the quilt
It's been a good few years since I used my machine... at least 5 years!!
I look forward to seeing that quilt when your done. I plan to make some bedding later too.

Eibh, I had to make it as the plastic one it came with had torn. And I have a feeling that it may end up as a lining for the next cover in the future.

Thanks for the comments and happy crafting.

I tried to take today went for a walk and found a pebble with a hole and thought ohh that would make a nice incense holder. Then I got home and remembered the tuna tin and turned it into a pin cushion (stuffed with wool as had no stuffing and a pebble for weight)... which I really need now I'm sewing.
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