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Originally Posted by Donmagee
There is something wrong. I am getting this message all the time i enter through new items. But when i go in through all items there are some items highlighted which indicates i haven't viewed them. Why is this happening?
Hi Donmagee,

We've received a couple of similar reports recently. At first, we thought it was simply to do with a "cookie" on Members' machines, the browser they were using, or the fact that there may not have been actual ads placed in Members' areas, but now we think that there's a glitch in the actual search function for some Members. I've asked the techies to continue looking for a fix but they can't give me a time-scale on that fix. So, apologies for the inconvenience in using the search-tools, and I'll let you know if we come up with a fix.

Thanks for the feedback.

Chris P
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