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Originally Posted by Bubbles74
Hi, you probably have your driveway sorted at this stage but if not have you considered rubber? There is a factory in Dromiskin Co. Louth that makes all kinds of rubber products in different colours. I first heard about it when I was visiting a friend and she had used rubber crumb under her hedge as kind of mulch. Looked just like stones! They might have something that suits. I plan to use one of their products for a dog run I am constructing and was very impressed with the potential uses for their various products. Well worth a look.

I recently read on a link on Owner Builders Network Facebook page that it is a great idea to use old tyres in a foundation. Recent studies though have indicated that there is a toxicity problem with long term health concerns when rubber tyres are shredded/mulched up for use in children's playgrounds. The chemicals remain intact when used whole and if filled with gravel/sand in a foundation add to insulation and waterproofing qualities. Not environmentally friendly the chopped up format though. Just thought I'd mention...
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