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Originally Posted by Eibhlin ni Sheambrai
Hi Tuddlytops, finally worked out how to upload photos. We had to knock down a very badly built kitchen extension that had a very low roof and small windows. The room is new but we like old. I had been cutting out pictures of cookers/mantlepieces and keeping them in a file. A friend of ours built it for us using red bricks that were left on site and the beam was originally over the window of the old kitchen. By the way, this friend is a butcher by trade not a builder but we reckon he did a good job with only a few pictures to look at. Might give you an idea. You could use a railway sleeper as a beam supported on bricks and put your oven and hob inside. Eibh.

That is wonderful. That's one talented buthcher! lucky you. :-)
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