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Originally Posted by Eibhlin ni Sheambrai
Hi there, if you look behind the beam you will see there is an extractor fan which is vented to the outside. We cheated as we didn't actually have a chimney but wanted the look. If you are actually going into the chimney space you would have to close it off like for an aga and maybe install an extractor fan vented up the chimney. E.
Very interesting thread!
I'm not into renovating, but in a 1930's house that had a space for a range, and a chimney above it, I also used the space to put my cooker.
At first, the chimney was open (for some reason down the years there never was a range in the gap), but when the kitchen was done up, I got them to put hardboard/marine ply across the whole opening, with a space for a vent (sliding), to take the steam up the chimney. Then I had tiles fitted on all 4 sides of the box (ceiling and 3 sides), so the vent just isn't obvious, and I no longer have dust (and worse) coming down.
I clean the vent occasionally, and if any birds fall down the chimney, I know I'll have to re-do the whole thing, but its not a big job.
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