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Default Thrifty Tips: Driveway - info & advice please

Hi All

I am looking to put in a driveway and need some advice please.

Its quite a large driveway and currently has sand and large stones - was there when we bought the house.

I don't want tarmac - too expensive and I'm just not too fond of it.

I have been getting many different opinions, obviously from the providers of different types of driveways.

1) Tar and chip - quite expensive and very different opinions as to whether any good or not

2) Gravel - nice but have been advised the gravel will move and spread from the cars been driven on it

3) Cobble Stones - no ideas of price but expensive I'd imagine

I love the sound of gravel stones but people have been advising that 804 is the best because its large stones that wont move too much but its pretty ugly!
The nice sound only comes from small stones.

I don't know. I'm so confused.

I priced a Teracrete driveway, my dream, but was quoted 8000!!!

My drive is approx 280m2.

Any advise or suggestions.
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