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Originally Posted by tommyc66
For a few weeks now I have been having problems getting into the Cork site.
9 times out of 10 it says "Sorry-no matches found".
Any ideas?
Hi tommyc66,

If you use the Search boxes at the top left of the Home Page, you can search by region, city, and status, and then you have the option "Find New Items" and "Find All Items".

At the moment, "Find New Items" is giving the result "Sorry -- No Matches Found" because no new items have been placed on JumbleTown in the past day or two by JumbleTowners based in Cork.

If you choose, "Find All Items", you will get a list of items and posts (that are still on the live forum and not in Admin's Archive) that were made by JumbleTowners in Cork in the recent past or distant past.

Chris P
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