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Default Restored clock

This is an old clock that I bought at a local auction for 3. I bought it mainly for the cabinet, thinking I might do it up and sell it, because all the clock bits and pieces came in a bag. However, on exploring further I found that the clock was made in 1839 (date on back of pendulum) so as my cottage dates from 1830 it seemed only right to give it a home. I researched online for information about the original clockmaker but after much deliberation I decided to 'marry old and new' and get a functional clock. I cleaned, stained and varnished the cabinet and repaired a piece of wooden moulding that had fallen off the front. I then took the original clock face which had been damaged by someone trying to clean it and removing half the numbers. I covered it with vintage rose print paper, added a clock face from another old clock that I dismantled, and finished it with a new clock movement bought for 6.30. I wanted to keep the pendulum as it has the date on the back and managed to attach it so it is hanging in the right place, even if it doesn't swing. All I need now is to get some glass cut for the bottom half of the door and it will be finished. Cost so far 9.30 plus whatever the glass will cost. It really fits in with the style of the cottage.
ps. Decided to add some old pieces of the original clock: cog wheels, original hands and old key.
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