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Just looked through your stuff and it is all absolutely amazing you are really talented!
I have a chair that I bought and said I would redo and and feeling inspired to have a go from looking at your stuff but a couple of questions:

The chair as the 'old' smell - obviously stored somewhere damp, perhaps for quite a while and I have steamed, left out in the air, and made a large lavender sachet to leave on it, but it still smells - any suggestions?
Do you know if the guy might still be at East wall market and if so where is that exactly?!
I had thought of covering over the existing material but by the looks of your perfect stuff, you removed (if they weren't already gone) the old covers -I am nervous of the whole structure falling apart if I do that - any advice welcome!
Measuring it/making a pattern is a huge challenge to me - not the best at the measuring!
of course removing the material might solve the first problem...
thanks for sharing
kind regards
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