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Default Go for it Teeny!

Hi Teeny38,

Thanks for your kind comments. I would say to go for it. It is not an easy job but very rewarding.

All chairs need to be stripped back to the wood below and if they are going to fall apart, that bit needs to be repaired: you cannot just have material holding your chair together - it needs to be structurally sound first. You may need to polish up wood etc if it needs it.

It is crucial that you keep all the material that you take off as this will be your pattern. I wrote on the back of pieces what they were and took lots of photos. Make notes too - whatever helps to re-jog your memory on how to put it back together. Whatever comes off last, goes back on first!

They guy in East Wall Market is Kevin and he is there every weekend. All materials are 3 per meter. As you go in the front, he is on the right.

You will probably need filler for your chair too (having no idea what it looks like) but you can get a lot of supplies from Zhivago - Sorry I took a while to reply - I was away ;-) You could always email me a pic or post it here.

Best of luck with it and don't forget, you have nothing to loose.
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