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Default ideas for chairs!

Please answer my questions after viewing the site i found on the net!
would i be destroying if i go down this 'paint/fun' route, rather than sand down and wax or varnish?

I always wanted 'funk' after seeing what one person on the 'before and after' forum did to a sofa! orange and flowers on the trim!
and of course the chair another found in a skip all slashed seat et al, and put a plastic oil cloth, fab green, agin the backdrop of flowery material.
i wonder what you have to say on this, i dont want to destroy them, but i am an artist by profession or rather WAS one in a past life.
what think ye?
oh on that same day thrawl, twin found a fab wooden gate and more strong wood to make extra panels to put at side of her house, two wee childrens plastic chairs, some vases, sherry glasses, watering can.
she had wood left over and is now constructing a pergola.
she has discovered the power of a power drill!
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