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Old Posted: 21-11-2008 , 08:34 AM #31
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Default Beautiful

They look stunning!!!

Thanks for sending me the beads :)

I'll have to start my research on how to bead like that rather than the straight line that I'm doing at the moment ha ha!
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Old Posted: 21-11-2008 , 11:08 PM #32
Paula Fleming
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Default wedding tips

hi. i work in a hotel dealing wedding is my job. i get the room ready from start to finish. iv seen sum nice ideas people do to save money. Make your own wedding invites. its very personal and you get to put what you like on the invite. eg, photo of your selfs. i saw sum lovely table decorations that are simple one that was lovely was sea shells collected from beaches, filled with sand and a tea light in it. looks great. others include flower heads like (Daisys) sprinkled on table, or flower pettels (Available from florist quiet cheep if you get them when they few days old.)

Make your own cake, or have few friends each make a tier, or sum lovely wedding cakes pre made and quiet cheep in the likes of M&S'

Use fresh ivory around your top table (Pinned to the table cloth) looks fantastic and cost nuting.

hotels offer special rates for week day weddings saving a lot of money.

Buy your wine in the likes of tesco or aldi, much cheaper than geting from hotel.

instead of favours for guests, make a small donation to your favourite charity and put note on table for guests to let them know. (much better than silly chocolates or that)

Hire all clothing, dress and suits. much much cheaper.

No need to have a band and a dj, go with either or.

No need for a phototographer as now adays photos can be taken from dvd, so if you have a dvd guy to make a dvd, after wedding sit down and pick clips you like, have them printer and make your own album. then you get to see ecactly what photos go in.

instead of a big traditional meal , why not do a self service buffet, hot and cold dishes. its a big thing these days in hotels

ask sum friends sum close friends or family instead of buying gifts to go together to pay for sumthing like the car, i did this at my wedding with a few bills and my family were delighted as then they dident have to go and try buy me a present.

if there a local dance school around (irish dancing) ask would they mind cuming to your wedding after the dinner and doing a bit of a show. its all the rage at the moment and they be only to happy to.

Hope some of this helps you. if i can help any more just leave me a message and il get back to you. gud luck
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Old Posted: 21-11-2008 , 11:29 PM #33
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Location: Big city of Belturbet
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Originally Posted by shonastar
Wow, bluecurlygirl, your little girl is so adorable!!! Sorry this comment is so short............I'm off to the shops to buy marshmallows, mars bars, chocolate etc. Can't wait to try out your fab recipe xxx

Enjoy... love messy stuff like this - always good fun with chocolate!! & no cooking so easy for mammy and safe for kids to go the whole way through the process. Mmmm, scraping the bowl.. Buying ingredients tomorrow myself now. Cheers!
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Old Posted: 21-11-2008 , 11:45 PM #34
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Location: Big city of Belturbet
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Great idea with the asking family to pay for stuff. We did that for my sister's wedding instead of buying a kitchen appliance together or something we paid for the band and car as it turned out which really helped them out and the wedding ended up hardly costing them anything. My brother got his wedding entirely as a wedding present - so before the day started everything was paid for and not by them! All for giving them a good start. Also if any of your mates are decent singers and they're going to be there anyway ask them if they would sing at the church as your present. That's how I got started as a wedding singer!! I love it - usually cry!!! Plus, it'd be lovely to have one of your best friends playing a key part in the ceremony.
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Old Posted: 21-11-2008 , 11:47 PM #35
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Default Love the beads

They jewellry is absolutely gorgeous. Bet it looks even more stunning on. Seriously well-made - I wouldn't have the patience I'm afraid. Fair play.
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Old Posted: 03-12-2008 , 10:32 PM #36
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Meath
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All the best ideas have been covered already, but I too work in a wedding venue (I work lots of places, but this is one of my favourites)
There are great deals for weddings on Monday/Tuesday, up to 15% off the main course and free champagne reception, etc.
IMO, favours are a complete waste of time. I have seen people splash out on expensive belleek, sterling silver, or just sweeties and the guests left them behind, dropped them and were generally unimpressed. Its quite disgusting how little regard people have for the generous intention of their hosts.
I made my own wedding invitations and delivered some by hand too. I printed a little picture on the envelopes to match the cards too. I didn't bother with place names and in hindsight, shouldn't have bothered with a table plan either. Plenty of people wander off to sit with friends or arrived late and slipped into the first available seat. And it wasn't just my guests, I regularly answer the phone at work on wedding days to the question 'What time are you serving the meal?'. Wedding guests don't seem to want to bother with all that hanging around???
My aunt did my flowers and she was fantastically green! She used cans (peaches I think) as the base and folded serviettes and florist sheeting around them. She had to eat a lot of peaches. She then used copper pipes that her plumber had left behind. She cut them as she needed them and used limes in the decoration. She got the flowers from Smithfield.
Good luck with the big day!
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Old Posted: 12-12-2008 , 11:02 AM #37
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Default bumping again

..... you never know!
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 01:02 PM #38
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Default Where I can find some new and different designs for wedding invitations?

In just over six months my daughter is getting married. Now that shes set a date, Im shopping for wedding invitations. I have seen many designs but cant find anything I like. Have you had any experience with ordering well-designed wedding invitations?
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 01:14 PM #39
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Galway
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I haven't any experience with Weddings but for my 21st last year I looked up websites that had free downloadable templates.

I went and bought nice water marked card.

Then i went to an internet cafe, arranged the template to fit 4 invitations on one a4 card, then typed into print format screen how many i wanted to print, for example for 100 invitations I entered 25 copies.

I cost me 0.08c 1 print a coloured A4 sheet (4 invitations)

Buy some pretty envelopes, write in names of guest etc and ta-dah!
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 01:23 PM #40
Join Date: May 2008
Location: galway,laois,dublin
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i was at a wedding in westport a few years ago and they had lego men on the invatations, very trendy: here is something like it:

also lego wedding cake!!! :
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 02:00 PM #41
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Location: Tyrrellspass, Co.Westmeath
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Default Wedding invitations


If your interested in handmade invitations, I received 2 beautiful samples from www.blissfuldesigns.co.uk, they'll send you two of your choice free. Also have a look at www.weddingaccessories.net and www.invitesgalore.com both have international shipping and loads to choose from.

Good luck,
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 05:49 PM #42
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Location: Balbriggan, Co. Dublin
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as many of you may know , I m involved with a local charity shop.We got inn a NEW, with tags size 8 dress, but they are selling it for 50 euro..big saving , its worth about 500..so deffo hit the chairty shops.
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 08:03 PM #43
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Default wedding tips

I'm just after been on ebay looking at cheap dresses, not for a wedding just for myself and a couple of lovely dresses were on the pages, they said prom or debs dress but when you actually click into them there wedding and bridesmaid dresses... This person makes them to fit so if you see something you like you can contact her via ebay or email and she makes them to fit...
They are fab i couldn't belive my eyes... If you want i can try get her email address for you... or ebay details... they are cheap too the wedding dress was 11.00euro but 50.00euro to post and the bridesmaid/debs were 40.00euro
but only 18.00 to post... Really worth a look...
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 08:13 PM #44
Chris P
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Default Green Wedding Videos

Three Green Wedding Videos on JumbleTown's "GreenTube"...here:

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Old Posted: 12-02-2009 , 01:03 PM #45
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Default Kiara's Wedding

Young Kiara has decided to wed
So shes looking quite hard for a bed
So JTers please do your best
To make sure Kiara has rest
Colour? Doesnt matter as long as its red.
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