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Old Posted: 04-03-2011 , 09:10 PM #31
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Default Maggiebenny

Originally Posted by jenniferalan
I have problems with drying clothes, we took the lagging jacket off the cylinder in the hot press so hot air would dry clothes but i think that it is prob just costing more because most of the heat is being lost through the air?

some people say that a good idea is to leave clothes on a clothes horse by the fire at night and they will be dry in the morning, does this work? is there a weird smell off the clothes from the fire?

how do u dry ur clothes?
well i think i have it down to a tee. spin to the max on your machine take out n fold n bang flat. leave for an hour hang straight on line or place on hangers on the line. dont take off lagging jacket=madness use you clotheshorse for winter or small items and get a multy hanger for smalls n socks hope that helps
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Old Posted: 05-03-2011 , 07:01 PM #32
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Default Drying Clothes

This is a great regular talking point - remember this thread:

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Old Posted: 23-03-2011 , 11:09 AM #33
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Default Nice washing-line cover

My sis came up with an idea I like. We've been using polythene to cover the line in the rain but it's ugly so she suggested a nice looking shower curtain - bungee or tie it to the 3 corners and it keeps the rain off. Not that we need it lately!
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Old Posted: 12-04-2011 , 12:12 PM #34
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Can't upload the pics of what my brother in law made for me but it is about 4 foot in length and has 9 hanging bars and was welded together and painted black gloss to match my kitchen. This is screwed to the wall over the fire in the kitchen. I also have a clothes horse that we have in the sitting room in the winter (sitting room is rarely used). It is then put outside for the summer. And then for undies we have a separate thing for that. There are 4 in my house - 2 children, a girl of nearly 6 who would like to change her clothes every 5 mins and a 12 month old and come october we will have a new addition to the family! I only use the dryerin the winter for the towels as i like them soft on the kids skin! The dryer is so expensive it is difficult to condone regular usage! And like so many others my clothes smell only of comfort!

Anyway happy drying!

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Old Posted: 10-06-2012 , 09:43 AM #35
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Default Motorbike drier

I've a 12 foot long lean-to built around the side of my house, where I park my motorbike. I've strung 2 washing lines underneath the roof, which is transparent so if the weather's showery the clothes still dry out.

Best of all is when I my park my hot-engined R1150 in it: everything's dry in jig time! Since my bike has no oil leaks, the clothes are never smelly. Only use it as a fall-back during miserable weather but it works well.
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Old Posted: 31-07-2012 , 12:56 AM #36
mrs pepper pot
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Default only solution for drying clothes

if we had decent weather in Ireland we wudnt be payin high cost esb bills and we would not be subjectin our children to respiratory ilnesses and such like.......but we shall dream on!! no such thing as good weather here!!

i hang my towels and bed linen across banisters and i also have 2 fold away clothes rails that i keep in a spare room with extendable poles most clothes go on that and its a great job ther 20quid in argos, id say cheaper up north

i dry all smalls in hot press, dont use heaters, expensive and a health hazard.

i am also a single mum
so i have to also think of keeping costs down with my heating bills.

1 other great option for any1 who has a walk around loft with proper insulation and a staighre for ease of access, is to put ur clothes horse up into it at night before bed, come morning there bone dry and fresh, cost ya nothing apart from havin proper insulation and floorin in ur attic but it's handy and its out of sight and a great way to save on your electric!!
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Old Posted: 25-09-2012 , 04:33 PM #37
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I have a clothes dryer but I prefer to hang them out side. Even in the winter. We used to hang them out all the time. It's funny taking them down in the winter they are freeze dried and real stiff.
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Old Posted: 28-04-2013 , 07:52 PM #38
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Location: Wexford
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I hang clothes on a clothes horse in the kitchen overnight. I use a small electric dehumidifier. Very very cheap to run compared to the dryer which I didn't use at all this winter. Stops the condensation too and no more dark shadows on the walls above the radiators from drying clothes on them!
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Old Posted: 29-04-2017 , 09:46 AM #39
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Default Shameful

This is the reason why mould in houses is rampant in Ireland and respiratory illness is almost the highest in the world. People need to prioritise never drying clothes inside. Our bill is 160 every 2 months and we dry all our clothes in a tumble dryer. We rent and can't find a house without mould (extremely bad for your health but irish people are in denial). Where do you think all the water goes? It doesn't disappear. It helps bacteria and mould grow, which you then breathe in.

Get a dryer, don't dry clothes in your house or might as well be poisoning your family. It's baffling to hear people doing this to save a few quid. It's a well know fact that it's detrimental to your health. No excuses! No "I can't afford it". Then you can't afford anything. Funny I have broadband and other expenses while poisoning yourself and family to save money. This is a serious issue in Ireland. People need to cop on a bit. It's as bad or worse than smoking in the house but it also causes mould to grow. Serious topic! This isn't my opinion. These are facts. You also can't say "I'm not prone to chest infections. That's not possible! Save up, buy a good dryer and use it. It's a basic necessity for your health, like a toilet. If you can't afford a dryer, a toilet or washing machine etc, I do feel for you, but If you have a TV, mobile smart phone, internet and car, but no clothes dryer, you are choosing to poison yourself and your family daily in a way that people did up until the 1960's. Ireland is the only country with this issue. And the diseases that are so prevalent here speak for themselves. It's my duty as a decent human being, to point this out, seeing as this shows up on all relevant google searches, as advice for people.
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