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Old Posted: 16-10-2008 , 11:03 PM #16
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Liscannor, Co. Clare
Posts: 22
Default beautiful handywork

wow!! what an amazing job. looks like it took a lot of elbow grease and some really exquisite taste to create such a masterpiece. definitely an inspiration. you do us proud!
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Old Posted: 18-10-2008 , 06:43 PM #17
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Dublin
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Default Thanks

Thanks to all for your kind comments. I have added a before and after of the outside of it too. It's only when I see these pictures side by side I realise how much work we put in to it.
Of course we could not have done any of it without the generosity of you JTers. If we had had to buy everything new we would still be struggling to get one room finished! Thanks a million, very much appreciated... from Pam and Paul
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Old Posted: 18-10-2008 , 06:59 PM #18
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Greystones, Co. Wicklow
Posts: 725

Wow! Unapam. Your DIY just gets better and better. The outside of your beautiful cottage looks absolutely fabulous. Just goes to show what can be achieved if your willing to put the effort in. Well done again. You should really be a candidate for one of those Before and After Home Renovation Shows, you would put them all to shame - and all on a shoestring!
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Old Posted: 10-02-2009 , 03:34 PM #19
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 1

Originally Posted by unapam
Having recently bought our life long dream of a holiday cottage we were skint!
It needed so much doing to it that it was going to take years to get it right. So we had to develop Plan B ....(plan A being: having lots of money to do it up with all brand new stuff)

Enter Jumbletown and other freecycle sites..... It took us months of hard work (also known as sweat equity) to do, but was well worth it. Here are the "Before & After" photos of the bathroom. The only thing bought new was the panelling and paint. So the room was done for about 70.

*The old toilet and handbasin were cracked so had to be replaced. Thanks to Peter in Portmarnock who supplied these when renovating his bathroom.
*The flooring was left over from my sisters dining room. (just two inches all round to spare!)
*The lovely cast iron bath was dumped years ago in a nearby ditch and was duly rescued by us.
*All the rest, shelves, curtains, rails, mirrors, knick knacks etc were donated by friends, relatives or J/Towners too numerous to mention. A big THANK YOU to you all.

This is the living room before and after. This is an example of recycling, and repurposing in action, (repurposing is when you have something that is worn out- no use to anyone...so you just find a new purporse for it and resuse it for its new purpose...Are ye' with me?

In the "after" picture of the living room...

*the gingham curtains used to be a duvet cover.
* the blue sofa cover used to be a duvet cover too.
*The blue and white cushion covers used to be my favourite tablecloth (it got a scorch mark so could not be a tablecloth anymore) Are ye' still with me? Good.

*The corner table used to be a Singer sewing machine and a fence post (both found rusty and rotting in a barn)
*The coffee table used to be a blanket box and now stores the bedding for the pull out bed (which is cunningly disguised as a couch covered with a blue duvet cover) Are ye' still with me?...Admit it - yer' lost!

*Everything else came from Jumbletowners, Dublinwasters and charity shops. Cost for this fab makeover? 20 for the paint on the walls and about 30 yoyo's for the bits and pieces from the charity shops.. grand total: 50 and almost no cost to the environment.

Ready for even more?
"Before & After" This time the bedroom... (I've only two rooms left to do. The hallway and the kitchen...watch this space!

YES, YOU CAN RE-PURPOSE IT!!!!!!!!! (or at least pass it on to someone who will)I know that CARPENTER, MOUSECATCHER and others are doing similar projects so please give them a digout. They have advertisments in the wanted section. Here's proof that you really can get maximum results with minimum carbon footprint!
its brilliant
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Old Posted: 11-02-2009 , 08:34 AM #20
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 4
Default :)

UnaPam...your work is wonderful. don't know which is my favourite room, the bathroom or the bedroom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sewing machine table. congratulations on all your work and effort and may you have many many many happy years in your new home

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Old Posted: 18-03-2009 , 10:52 PM #21
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Dublin
Posts: 89
Default Wow!

Pam, the house looks absolutely fantastic and a credit to you both.
I know myself what hard work it is, but also how rewarding!
Great job.
Enjoy ;)
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Old Posted: 01-04-2009 , 11:52 AM #22
wicked chicken
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 2

what a wonderful job! I have completed many such renovations and can appreciate all the hard work.
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Old Posted: 06-04-2009 , 10:40 AM #23
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Tyrrellspass, Co.Westmeath
Posts: 766

Another fabulous transformation unapam! It's absolutely gorgeous, all your hard work sure paid off, it's unrecognisable from the before pics, you must be so proud.
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Old Posted: 06-04-2009 , 02:38 PM #24
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Wicklow
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Default Lifecylcing works

Wow thats a brilliant job... Makes all the difference when you can re-use or recycle something!!!

Well done
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Old Posted: 24-04-2009 , 11:36 PM #25
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Athy, Co. Kildare
Posts: 324
Default Well Done!

Fantastic Job!!! Well done. Hard work never killed anyone and I'll bet it was all worth the effort, it certainly looks as if it was.
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Old Posted: 26-04-2009 , 10:21 AM #26
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Roscommon
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Default cottage

Really lovely well done.
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Old Posted: 06-05-2009 , 11:42 PM #27
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 6

Looking great. Great recession buster!!!
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Old Posted: 01-07-2009 , 10:25 PM #28
pink sparkles
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: County Kildare
Posts: 227

Hey Unapam, so im a newbie and i have just been looking through all of your repuposing ideas and im just amazed, totally! I love everything i have seen that you done, you are so very talented. I moved into my new house in the start of this year, i spent so much doing it up (of what little i had to do it with lol) if only i had discovered JT before then! Not only that but there was so much waste, it was just crazy, but i did send all of it, well what could be sent, to the recycling centre. However im still adding a few bits and bubbles2 kindly gave me a bath screen which i plan on stenciling a design on and putting it up in the bathroom, and of course put the before and after photos up!
Anyway well done on all your work, the cottage looks amazing. Will be on the look out for more of your great ideas!

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Old Posted: 14-05-2010 , 09:52 AM #29
Join Date: May 2010
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Default Congratulations

Well done, you have done a great job!
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Old Posted: 26-09-2010 , 12:39 PM #30
Join Date: May 2010
Location: wexford
Posts: 199

love your house
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