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Old Posted: 13-01-2012 , 04:24 PM #1
Chris P
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Default ******** Please Read Carefully Before Posting a Wanted Ad -- *** Wanted Ad Guidelines

As in the Givers' forums, all items sought or offered must be free.

Selling, buying, swapping, auctioning, borrowing and lending are all prohibited.

Only items may be requested.

Ads requesting services, reviews, votes, prayers, accommodation, holidays, money, work, land, property, or only advice will be removed without prior notification.

Members are free to ask for one or several items in a single ad.

JumbleTown reserves the right to remove any ad without prior notice.

Wanted ads should include the following:

1. A Title:
The title of a Wanted ad should contain the name of the item itself plus the Member's location in brackets ... and nothing else.

e.g. Double Bed (Dublin 8)

Words such as "Wanted" "Needed" "Please" "Thank You" or "Urgent" should not be added to the title.

The following types of titles are prohibited:

(a) "Teaser" titles such as "Read this!" or "Please help!" or "Hi!"
(b) Long, descriptive titles;
(c) Titles with highlighting such as (***) or (!!!!!!!) or (?????) or ALL CAPS etc.

NB: If you are requesting a TV, you should write the word "Television" as "TV" is too small a word for the search engine (see below).

2. A Description:
Write a short description of the item sought. There is no need to give a list of reasons why you need an item.
Also, so-called "sob-stories" should be avoided -- they usually don't have the desired effect;

3. A Location:
Indicate your location (town/suburb plus county);

4. Collection Details:
Indicate how far you are willing to travel to collect;

5. Contact Mode:
Please specify how you wish to be contacted -- on the Public Forum/the thread itself; by PM (Private Message); by email, or by telephone. NB: No private details should be posted on the Public Forum -- use the PM System instead.
Tip #1: To amend the text of your ad, click on "Edit Post" at the bottom right of your initial post on the ad/thread.

Tip #2: To add your location to your public User Profile, click on the "User CP" button (User Control Panel button) on the dark blue bar to the left of the log-in area, and then choose "Edit Profile" from the dropdown box on the left.

Additional Guidelines for Proper Use of the Wanted Forum:

Members may not post duplicate ads; instead they should bump their original ad once per day. Details...here:

All responses to a Wanted Post should relate to the Giving and Taking process or be genuinely helpful – in other words, respondents should refrain from making “smart” comments on a post. All posts that "spoil" a thread (i.e. interfere with the Giving and Taking process) will be deleted by JumbleTown Admin.

Members should respond on their ad/thread to all offers; otherwise it looks like you are ignoring the Giver who is offering the item and other potential Givers might decide to ignore your ad.

Here's how to search the Wanted forum:
Click on the "Search This Forum" button at the top right of the listings.

Members searching for their own Wanted ads (to update or delete) can also click on their User Name to see a full list of all of their posts currently on the public forum.

There is no set limit to the number of Wanted ads that a Member can post, but anything more than fifteen seems excessive in the eyes of Admin. We ask that Members be mindful of the fact that the Wanted Forum is limited to 15 pages of ads/threads.

Ads/threads that slip past page 15 will be removed without notice by Admin and cannot be retrieved (unlike the ads/threads in the Givers' forums, which are normally sent to Admin's Archive and can be retrieved).

Final Notes:
Some Members have suggested that the Wanted Forum be broken down into categories, or that the Givers' forums should have separate Wanted sections added onto them. Neither of these is going to happen, I'm afraid, as the Wanted Forum was very much an afterthought on JumbleTown and was never intended to play a major role. In short, the focus of the site is, and always will remain as follows: "I have an item -- do you want it?" and not: "I want an item -- do you have it?"

Keep up the good work JumbleTowners and thanks for your co-operation!

Chris P

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Old Posted: 02-11-2012 , 11:06 PM #2
Chris P
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: JumbleTown
Posts: 5,998

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