How Do I Indicate My Item is Taken/Reserved

Every item that is added to Jumbletown is automatically made " Available". After your item has been collected, please update the status of your item to "Taken". If you have an item awaiting collection you may update the status of your item to "Reserved". How? see steps below.

Step 1
Return to your item and click the "Edit Post" button.

Step 2
Change the "Status" of your item from "Available" to "Taken" or "Reserved" , and click the "Save Changes" button.

Step 3
Your item has now been classified as "Taken" or "Reserved".

How Do I Close My Ad?

Please see the screenshot below.

The Taker never showed up, can I re-open my Ad

Yes, you may re-open your Ad if Admin have not already archived your Ad. If you cannot find your item you should re-post.