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Old Posted: 24-01-2007 , 09:04 PM #1
Chris P
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Default Admin Reminder: Good Communications

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to remind JumbleTowners that good communications are key to the site's success.

Here are some tips:

(1) First of all, Givers should check whether family, friends, or neighbours are interested in taking an item. Withdrawing an item from JumbleTown at the last minute because one of the above has suddenly expressed an interest in it can lead to some disappointment and, at times, inconvenience for potential Takers who may have already made arrangements to collect.

(2) Givers should state on their ad how long they are prepared to wait for a Taker to respond and arrange collection.

(3) Givers should respond to a post on the Public Forum or PM (Private Message) from a potential Taker within three days. Even if a Giver decides to use the PM system to correspond with a potential Taker, s/he should update the Public Forum also with a quick note.

(4) If a Taker receives information from a Giver, the Taker should respond within three days. Otherwise, the Taker's expression of interest may be deleted and the Giver's ad bumped up the board by Admin. This is called "cleaning up" or "pruning" a post in order to ensure that an item is passed on as quickly as possible.

(5) Members should respond to all PMs (where practicable).

(6) Givers should try to keep Members up-to-date re: an item's status. If an item is Reserved or Taken, then it should be marked as such and locked/closed. A quick note on the Public Forum to this effect is also useful. Items that are Reserved for more than six days will be removed from the Public Forum unless they are updated by the Giver. All items that are archived by Admin can be retrieved on request. Send a PM to either Chris P or Dave Hagan (Admins) if your item has disappeared off the Public Forum.

(7) When arranging for an item's collection, we recommend that Givers and Takers phone each other ONE HOUR before the agreed time. This is to confirm that the later appointment is still mutually convenient.

Also, be security-conscious:

Givers should have someone in the house/workplace with them if a Taker is calling to collect an item.

Takers should inform their family/friends of their destination and expected time of return.

Finally, well done JumbleTowners. Keep up the good work!

Chris P
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Old Posted: 12-03-2011 , 11:47 AM #2
Chris P
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: JumbleTown
Posts: 5,998

Admin bump^
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