Before You Add Your Item...

Before you add your item, please read the following important information regarding Giving and Taking an item on JumbleTown. Following the guidelines below will make the Giving and Taking process quicker and easier for all concerned.

First of all, please note that JumbleTown is solely for the Giving and Taking of free items and Green Tips. The following transactions are prohibited: selling, buying, auctioning, swapping, borrowing and lending. JumbleTown is NOT a charity site. There is no General Chat forum on JumbleTown.

Also, please note the "Prohibited Item" List below:

Prohibited Items on JumbleTown.
There are certain items that may not be given or requested on JumbleTown. The following list is a guideline and JumbleTown reserves the right to remove any item without prior notice.

The following may not be given away or requested on JumbleTown:

1 Any pet or live animal
2 Medicines, pills, drugs, inhalers, medical test-kits etc.
3 Lotions/Cosmetics: Any type of lotion/cosmetic that may be applied externally.
4 Soiled clothing
5. Faulty toasters, leaking irons
6 Food & drink
7 Cot mattresses
8 Asbestos-based products / Used insulation material
9 Fireworks
10 Firearms or offensive weapons (including knives)
11 Items or materials that promote hatred, violence, or racial intolerance
12 Pesticides
13 Pornographic Material
14 Secondhand Motor Cycling Helmets
15 Money
16 Votes for competitions etc.
17 Any item whatsoever that is illegal in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

In addition, the following types of ads are not permitted:

(a) Offering any type of digital download, i.e., software, PDF documents, e-books etc.

(b) Promoting a business by offering a "freebie."

(c) Offering an item on condition that a potential Taker offers a review, completes a questionnaire etc.

(d) Ads promoting events, fundraisers etc.



Giving and Taking

1. Check your emails on a daily basis:
It is very important that you check your emails on a daily basis. When a Member replies to your post/ad in the Public Forum or sends you a Private Message (PM), JumbleTown automatically sends a Notification Email to your registered email address. Ideally, you should visit JumbleTown every day to check on your item, but failing that, you should at least check your emails daily for our Notification Emails. Please also check your "junk mail" folder as some spam filters may put JumbleTown's Notification Emails into that folder.

2. Reply to all Member Correspondence:
Please reply to all correspondence, namely, both Private Messages (PMs) and replies on the Public Forum. It is frustrating for Members when they are not kept informed of an item's status. If you have a Taker lined up, it is very important that you update your Public Post and let other Members (potential Takers) know. Not only is this the polite thing to do, it will also improve the efficiency of JumbleTown's overall Giving and Taking process.

If a Giver does not respond to an expression of interest from a potential Taker within 3 days, the ad is removed from the Public Forum and relocated to a hidden Archive by Admin. Archived ads can be reposted on request. You can email Admin at or send them a Private Message (PM) by clicking on their User Name. The Admins are: Chris P and Dave Hagan. Your item will then be reposted on the public forum/the listings.

3. Make Sure to Update the Status of your Item when it is Taken:
Remember that Giving and Taking items on JumbleTown is a three-part process:

(a) You post your item on JumbleTown.

(b) After some correspondence (either on the Public Forum or through the Private Message [PM] system), a Taker collects the item from you.

(c) Once the item has been collected, you must then re-visit JumbleTown and update the status of your item from Available or Reserved to Taken. To do this, view your ad, click the small arrow to the right of the word Available or Reserved, and choose Taken from the dropdown box. Then click the "Update Status" button to the right.
This last step is very important.

Please do not leave your item marked Available, if in fact it has been Taken. Leaving your item marked Available means that you will continue to receive queries from Members.


Your Item's Details:

You will notice from our web site that adding a photo of your item greatly increases the chances of someone taking that item.

Please seriously consider adding a photo of your item.

Use your digital camera or camera phone. If you have neither, ask someone who has one of these to help you out.

If you can't upload a photo to the web site, offer to send a photo to the interested Taker's mobile phone.

Instructions on adding a photo with your post/ad can be found here.

Describing Your Item:
If you are not adding a photo, it is very important that you describe your item in detail. An Item that is inadequately described simply results in requests for more details from interested Takers; this will obviously delay the Giving and Taking Process. Details you should consider adding include: the item's condition, make, model, colour, size (length, breadth, & height), weight etc.

Also, if you are not going to add an photo, it's a good idea to invite Members to call and view your item with no obligation to Take.

Do Givers have to give an item to the first respondent?
No - Givers are free to pass on an item to the first, second or even tenth respondent on the public ad/thread, or through the Private Message [PM] system. Most Givers pass on an item to the first respondent, but this may not always be the case. The Giver alone chooses the Taker.

Contact Details:

There is no need to put ANY personal contact details on the Public Forum/the listings.
Real names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and details concerning viewing/collection times should all be sent by PM (Private Message) rather than posted on the Public Forum. Click on a Member's User name to send them a PM.


Please do not add an item if you are unable to check the website and/or your email account on a regular basis.

Thank You for Using our FREE service.
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